Aurora Gun Club


IPSC - International Practical Shooting Confederation

IPSC is a dynamic shooting sport where the principles of Accuracy, Speed and Power are balanced in a unique scoring system. IPSC has defined Action Shooting. It requires competitors to shoot fast and accurately, often shooting on the move and developing techniques and styles to shave off fractions of a second between shots, during reloads and drawing from the holster. 


Bullseye, also known as conventional pistol, is a shooting discipline that has the shooter standing unsupported and shooting a handgun with one hand. Shooting is at paper targets with the classic bullseye with multiple scoring rings. The intent is to get as many shots in the 10 ring (the center of the target) within the allotted time, and focuses on promoting the many time-proven methods for mastery of marksmanship skills. Conventional/Bullseye shooting techniques are the foundation of all marksmanship disciplines in which a firearm can be employed.

PPC - Police Pistol Combat

This shooting discipline evolved from police firearm training into a sport enjoyed by civilians as well as law enforcement officers, and is considered one of the the forerunners of practical shooting. PPC involves engaging targets from different distances, under different time constraints and from a variety of shooting positions. In PPC, the shooter does not walk or run with the firearm. Typically,  revolvers are used for PPC shooting but semi-autos are welcome. The focus is on accuracy within a defined time allotment. The distance the shooter is from the target varies from 7 to 15 to 25 to 50 metres. The time constraints the shooter faces in firing on the target vary from 6 rounds fired in 12 seconds to 24 rounds fired in two minutes and 45 seconds. The various shooting positions are; kneeling, prone, standing, around a barricade (strong hand & weak hand) and seated.

Prone Rifle

Prone Rifle at Aurora consists of 2 disciplines, Sporting Rifle Prone and Hunting Rifle Prone.  Sporting Rifle Prone is shot at targets 20 yards away using a .22 target rifle that weighs 4kg or less with a trigger pull of more than 1kg and has aperture (peep) sights.  Hunting Rifle is shot on the same target as Sporting Rifle using a .22 Rifle that is not a target rifle.  Any type of sight can be used with the most common sight being rifle scopes.

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